“An extremely moving play by an extremely moving performer. I was moved by this powerful story about the love of a father battling for his son against a life-threatening illness and a challenging medical care system.” 

– Norman Lear

“James Morrison’s one-person play, LEAVE YOUR FEARS HERE is a deeply personal journey, a powerful and painful (yet often funny) story from James’ POV about his wild odyssey alongside his son’s battle with brain cancer, and ultimate triumph. James started to write a piece about his son, but it turned out to be the story about a man finding his humanity through his son, Seamus’ journey. This is one of the most moving, provocative, and well-crafted pieces of theatre I’ve witnessed in a long time. It’s also important theatre- it is about parenting, family, the healthcare system, fear, anger, humility, hope, life, and love.”

Risa Bramon Garcia – director, producer, casting director, writer and teacher, mother.  Co-founder of The BGB Studio in Los Angeles

“LEAVE YOUR FEARS HERE is a riveting, moving, and terrifying story of a father’s fierce battle to protect his son from the “well meaning” caregivers who threaten his healing process from a devastating cancer diagnosis. James Morrison’s expertly crafted one man show, takes us on a personal journey of going to war for the ones we love. James lays open his life, his heart, and his soul, guiding us all to examine the ways we let our own fears keep us from being brave.  I have never been more moved.”

Kelly Wolf – actor, mother  

A journey told with so much presence and emotion that one cannot help but feel James’ work, heroism, intent, and focus along the way.  His illustrious acting career and experience reached another crescendo and epiphany as he lived each nuance of his presentation of the story of fighting for his beloved son’s life. Everyone in the audience was riveted as James emanated wisdom. The event was deep food for the soul and a nourishment of love–an awakening of perception into what really matters in life.

Ganga White – Co-Founder of the White Lotus Foundation

This piece is the culmination of a hard-fought wrestling match with the ultimate— in the themes of love, fatherhood, powerlessness, human vulnerability, meaning and the very nature of existence—James Morrison steps up to the mat and bets it all. Beating the odds with his savage humor, wit, unwavering self-reflection, courage, honesty and a love bigger than life, we are taken on a tremendous, soulful journey. James is one of my heroes, as a storyteller and as a human.” 

Tracey Rich – Co-Founder of the White Lotus Foundation